Florida Families Affected by Bed Bugs

March 17, 2010
By Dan Irving , Esq. on March 17, 2010 12:02 PM | | Comments (0)

The term "Don't let the bed bugs bite" is no laughing matter for the people who have sustained injuries and embarrassment resulting from bed bugs. Bed bug cases have been filed against furniture rental companies and hotels nationwide. People all over the country have experienced the consequences of just how devastating these tiny insects can be. Because they are so small, it's easy for them to live in furniture and hide indoors. And when they bite, it hurts.

Law Offices & has represented clients in Florida who have been affected by bed bugs. One of our clients sustained injuries including permanent scarring, headaches, nausea, aching and swollen joints after staying in a South Florida motel. Because her luggage had also been infested with bed bugs, she continued to suffer insect bites despite the change in rooms. In this case, the motel owners refused to acknowledge any problem or take any action to remedy the bed bug situation.

Another bed bug case our personal injury lawyers handled took place in a Jacksonville, Florida, hotel in May 2009. The bed bugs in the hotel left scarring and dark marks on our client's arms and legs. If the hotel had an inspection procedure in place, the dangerous condition would have been discovered upon inspection.

A bed bug case unrelated to our firm involves a family whose home became infested by bed bugs after renting furniture from Aaron's. The bed bugs spread uncontrollably, even after they disposed of several items, forcing the family to move homes.

Furniture rental companies should inspect items to make sure they are in a safe condition and free from insect infestations. This process should include cleaning and exterminating mattresses as well as supervising store or warehouse managers who control or maintain the furniture. Hotels should also inspect their mattresses and make sure their rooms are in safe condition for their customers.

Bed bugs spread rapidly. They're close in size to a sunflower seed and are reddish in color. They feed on human blood and come out at night. Once they infest your home, it is difficult to get rid of them. The Mayo Clinic website offers some useful information on bed bugs and prevention. If you have sustained bed bug injuries, contact an attorney experienced in handling bed bug cases.

Dan Irving is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer handling injury cases for over 29 years in Florida. He is rated 10 on AVVO and is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell.

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