Florida Insurance Companies Rated for Payouts on Car Accident Injury Claims

May 5, 2009
Periodically, we rate insurance companies doing business in Florida for fairness in paying out to claimants sums for injuries sustained in auto accidents. Since our practice is primarily dealing with crashes in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, we emphasize that our ratings are based upon the reasonableness of the payouts to vehicle accident claimants and pedestrians, including bicyclists or motorcycle accident victims, in South Florida.

Most insurance companies are similar in what they pay out for property damage, with some, of course, being better than the others. However, our emphasis is on what these insurance companies are paying out for pain and suffering type damages, that is, intangible damages, and what the total payout is for bodily injuries.

As of this date, here are our ratings. We use an A through F scale, with, of course, A being the best, F being the worst. When purchasing insurance coverage (whether homeowners or auto), of course, price is an issue, but ultimately, whether you are unnecessarily dragged into a lawsuit if your insurance company acts in bad faith may depend upon these ratings:

Chubb A

Crum & Forster A

Travelers B+

Zurich B+

American International (their subsidiaries) B

Amica B

Safeco B

Liberty Mutual B-

First Floridian C+

Nationwide C+

Hartford C+

State Farm Insurance Companies C to C+

Metropolitan C

GMAC Insurance C


Federated National Insurance (American Vehicle) D

Allstate Insurance Company D

Mercury D

Ocean Harbor D

Progressive Insurance Companies D

US Security Insurance D

United Automobile Insurance Company F

Geico F

At this time, GEICO is the worst paying MAJOR auto insurer in the State of Florida for bodily injury claims, followed by Progressive, and then Allstate.

Good luck when purchasing insurance or making claims for injuries, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident.

I hope that this information helps you in your insurance choices and selections.
Dan Irving is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer practicing accident and injury law throughout the State of Florida for 28 years, with an emphasis on vehicular type accidents and injuries

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