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June 21, 2010

Nurse Allegedly Drugs and Abuses Hospital Patient

A personal injury lawsuit has recently been filed on behalf of a hospital patient that claims she was sexually abused while seeking care and treatment at the hospital. The lawsuit stems from 2009 when the alleged victim was admitted to the hospital from the emergency room after complaints of persistent chest pain. The patient was placed under the care of a registered nurse that proceeded to inject the patient with morphine and transfer her to a secluded room, according to reports. The nurse waited until he was alone with the patient and then allegedly touched her breasts and placed her hand on his penis.

According to reports, the lawsuit alleges that the hospital negligently hired the nurse and failed to properly conduct a background check in accordance with state law. Had that background check been conducted, the lawsuit alleges the hospital would have known that the nurse allegedly engaged in abusive conduct at other jobs. The nurse was suspended by the hospital following his arrest on sexual abuse charges.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse by hospital personnel is not unprecedented. Law Offices & , P.A. handled a case involving a woman that was sexually abused by a hospital employee while she was interviewing for a medical assistant position. The employee falsely introduced himself as a doctor and toward the end of the interview told our client that he was required to conduct a physical to obtain insurance approval for employment. The employee then proceeded to inappropriately touch the unsuspecting woman.

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