A Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Injures a Pedestrian and her Baby

June 17, 2011
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A Fort Lauderdale car accident has sent a mother and her son to the hospital. On June 14, 2011, a 22-year-old female pedestrian and her son were hit by a pickup truck at an intersection. The woman was pushing a baby stroller carrying her son when the accident occurred. The driver, afterward, remained at the scene of the accident.

Thankfully, this pedestrian accident did not result in the death of the victims involved. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles statistics, of the 8,248 pedestrian accidents that occurred in 2009, 7,676 pedestrians were injured and 482 pedestrians were killed. A report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, which analyzed the first half of 2010's total accident figures, shows Florida has the second largest number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States, with 243 for the first six months. California was first, with 260 pedestrian deaths.

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