Finding Insurance Coverage for South Florida Car Accidents

March 13, 2009
By Dan Irving , Esq. on March 13, 2009 10:33 AM | | Comments (0)
It is imperative for the South Florida personal injury attorney to ascertain all sources of insurance coverage available to the client.  This is especially true when the negligent driver's insurance policy is insufficient to cover the injuries sustained by the client.  Determining what coverage is available can be complex and require diligent research to uncover all available sources of insurance.  Florida law and the insurance policy will provide assistance in finding additional coverage for the car accident victim.

The owner of the negligent vehicle is an appropriate party to look to first for insurance coverage.  If the driver of the negligent vehicle owns his own car, then you also want to look to him for coverage.  If the negligent driver did not own his own vehicle, but lived with a relative that owned a vehicle, then the client may be entitled to the coverage of that relative.  If the negligent driver was in the course and scope of his employment at the time of the accident, then the diligent personal injury attorney should also look to the negligent driver's employer for additional coverage.

Florida personal injury lawyers must also look to their own clients for additional coverage in the form of uninsured motorist insurance policies.  First, the attorney should look to the client's policy and determine if it includes uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.  Next, if the client did not own the vehicle he was driving at the time of the accident, uninsured motorist coverage may still be obtainable from the policy on the car the client was driving when the accident occurred.  Finally, coverage may be derived from any relative the client lived with at the time of the accident if the client did not own an automobile or the client owned an automobile, but a resident-relative had a stacking uninsured motorist policy.

These coverage determinations often require more research than simply looking at the available insurance policy and the police reports.  It is important to also research what vehicles are owned by the negligent driver (if any), where he resided at the time of the accident, whom he resided with, where he was employed at the time of the accident, and any other information that will assist the South Florida personal injury attorney in securing the highest possible insurance coverage available for her client.
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