The South Florida Personal Injury Attorney-Client Relationship

January 30, 2009
By Gabriel Mejia, Esq. on January 30, 2009 12:53 PM | | Comments (0)
Recently, a disturbing story involving a San Diego, California Public Defender and his disgruntled client splashed the headlines with an in-court, feces-flying fiasco.  The appointed defense attorney was apparently smeared with feces about his face and head by his client who had smuggled a bag of excrement into the courtroom.  After besmirching counsel, the defendant turned his wrath on the jury and flung the remaining fecal matter into their box.  The reason given for such an outrageous offense was the defendant's disappointment of not having his present counsel removed as his representative.

Although this incident occurred in a Californian criminal court, many lessons can be derived from it by the South Florida personal injury attorney.  Although inexcusable, it is an important reminder that personal injury attorneys need to protect and nourish the sacred attorney-client relationship.  Whether it is an automobile accident, a medical malpractice action, or any of the numerous other cases maintained by the personal injury attorney, it is important communicate effectively with your client and set their expectations from the initial consultation.

The Rules Regulating the Florida Bar focus heavily on the client-lawyer relationship.  These Rules not only provide excellent guidance for attorneys, but expressly convey the requisites by which all attorneys are to interact with their clients.  This includes promptly informing clients of decisions and circumstances that require the clients informed consent, reasonably consulting with the client about how the objectives of their case are to be accomplished, keeping the client informed about their case, and replying to the clients requests for information.  Although these mandates at first glance seem to be inherent in the ideal of professionalism, it is important that South Florida personal injury attorneys take the time to make sure they are providing this level of service to each client.

The attorney-client relationship is symbiotic, however, and requires the active participation of not only the lawyer, but also the client.  That is why it is important to explain to the personal injury client what will be expected from them throughout the course of their representation and any limitations of the attorney's assistance.  If the proper expectations are set from the very beginning of the relationship including what the client should expect throughout the representation, what will be required of them, how long the case is anticipated to last, and what services the attorney will not be providing, it will make the process much smoother.

With a focus on the mandates of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar and active communication with--and participation from--the client, it will enable the South Florida attorney to act with the commitment and dedication necessary to pursue the matter with the zeal that all clients expect and deserve.

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